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The Southwest Detroit Community Benefits Coalition is working to ensure that the Delray community and other impacted areas in Southwest Detroit receive protections and community benefits with the the Gordie Howe International Bridge that will connect Detroit and Windsor.


We fight for:

  • Potential Investments for Win-Win Development: The coalition supports a public bridge to provide greater safety, transparent public-oversight, and the ability to address impacts into the future. A Delray bridge would be a direct link to Canadian freeways which would reduce congestion and emissions for the region. However, emissions around the plaza will increase in the local neighborhood and air quality must be addressed for successful development that benefits all.
  • Jobs, training, and economic development: Job training and guarantees for local hiring. A plan to attract logistics and supply-chain industry. Business retention and incubation strategies. English as a second language programs.
  • Housing and sustainable neighborhood: Adequate compensation for homes acquired and support for legislation to address increased taxes. Build affordable green replacement housing to allow all families who desire so to remain in the neighborhood. Designate new trucks routes to improve the quality of life, and improve and maintain area roads and sidewalks.

Delray Clean Up May 16,09 027

  • Air quality and health: Ongoing air and health monitoring. Air filtration at nearby schools. Idle-reduction and diesel reduction support for truck fleets to reduce emissions exposure.
  • Green development: Create new Delray parks and green spaces to cleanse the air. Incorporate alternative energy for a self-sustaining bridge and plaza.
  • Governance and Sustainability: Include community representation in bridge oversight. Provide a fraction of tolls for a fund to address concerns and sustainable development into the future.

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